Jasuto v1.6 now available for iOS and Android!

New Jasuto Features

New in v1.6

  • MIDI-In & Out support with tempo sync
  • Nodes can now be grouped together
  • Solo nodes and groups
  • New Convolution module
  • New nodes: Abs, Clamp, Delay2, Pan, Group/GRecv/GSend, MidiNote, MidiCC & Synced
  • Sampler node is now in stereo & has higher quality interpolation
  • Bands can now edit individual bins while frozen
  • Fixed insert bug
  • Additional bugs and behind the scene fixes
  • Delay2 node is tempo syncable
  • LFO is triggerable, syncable & now has 4 shapes
  • New Scenes and Samples added

Removal of Store

  • All previous in-app purcahses now free and included with initial purchase.

Updates in v1.5

  • Added Audiobus support
  • Completely compatible with iOS7
  • Updated UI graphics
  • Universal device and Retina support
  • Zillions of bugs squashed
  • A shiny new manual
  • Added background audio support
  • Much improved auto-wiring
  • Multi-touch support for Scale node
  • Low latency audio (256 samples)
  • Sample sharing through SoundCloud
  • Dropbox syncing of samples/scenes
  • New ADSR2, AP, Brick, Exp, Gain, Mix, Power, Tanh & ZeroX Node Modules

Old In-App purchases

  • High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) Audio
  • New Nodes
    • Chorus, Detuned, Dirty, Morph & Space

Create Unique Sounds

Sample editor in Jasuto on iPad

Jasuto allows you to visually construct your own synths/effects and use them to make sequences all on your device!

Includes a fully-featured sampler (now in stereo) to record/resample/edit as well as create entirely new samples by drawing right in the app.

Jasuto uses the relative position of nodes and their connections to control the sound. So the scene not only represents the synthesis structure, but also a custom multi-touch control surface.

Motion can be recorded per node giving you rich, flexible automation.

For a Quick Start Guide, further details on creating scenes and all of the astounding capabilities of Jasuto, check out the revised Manual (for version 1.6).

Connect And Be Inspired

screenshot of Jasuto complex demo scene on ipad
screenshot of Jasuto Midi node on ipad
screenshot of Jasuto connected to Audiobus on ipad

Connections can be created automatically, by simply dragging nodes around, or manually. Each wire can be double-tapped to allow even more control of each connection.

Jasuto comes installed with 75+ modules, as well as 200+ pre-loaded demo scenes and samples. Each of the modules, scenes and samples have been hand-optimized for your device's CPU, allowing you to create extremely complex and unique scenes.

Group and connect nodes together to compose sequnces or samples. Then use solo and unsolo to create original tracks.

Connect Jasuto with Midi devices to use the new Midi-In & Out node with tempo sync.

audiobus logo Introducing Audiobus support! Connect Jasuto live with Audiobus as either an input, effect or output source to other Audiobus-compatible apps!

Hi-Fi Audio Listening Quality

Jasuto with Hi-Fi enabled

High Fidelity is a new feature that was added in Jasuto 1.5.

With Hi-Fi activated you can listen to your scenes, patches and music creations in studio quality.

All samples, scenes and nodes have been updated to studio quality as well.

You can easily switch between Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi without leaving the app.

Latency is an Android only Menu item that controls the DSP buffer size. Smaller latencies decrease the time it takes hear the sound after interacting with the screen, but increases the CPU usage.

Share Your Musical Creations

Share and Sync with SoundCloud and Dropbox in Jasuto

Starting with Jasuto 1.5, sharing has been simplified. Out with the buggy FTP and in with:

  • Syncing samples/scenes with Dropbox
  • Sample sharing through SoundCloud

Also the forum has been revamped and reopened. Become a part of the Jasuto Community.

Features (v1.6)

Notable Features

  • Anti-aliased oscillators with hard-sync, FM, PWM, PM
  • Analog style filters (AP, LP, HP, BP, Ladder emulation)
  • Signal control (Compressor, Limiter, Gate, Follower)
  • Zoomable sampler editor with several loop modes (Normal, 1 Shot, Ping, Granular)
  • ADSR envelope editor
  • Multipage/octave sequencer
  • Tape style analog delay
  • Reverb, phaser, several waveshapers
  • Resample/record the current playback
  • Audio copy via the pasteboard
  • Incoming OSC for notes and CC's
  • Bluetooth headsets can be used as an audio input
  • Dynamic detection of audio inputs

Future Releases

  • Due to new features released in Jasuto v1.5 (previously Jasuto Pro), Jasuto Classic (v1.3.0) has been removed from the Apple App Store and will no longer be in development for future updates.
  • Jasuto on Android (v1.2.2), has been updated to version 1.6 and is currently in the Google Play Store.
  • Jasuto v1.6 shown on Android device
  • Please continue to support future updates and developments of Jasuto by telling your friends/family, and rating the app. ~ Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Jasuto v1.5 update, we have removed the download files from the site.
As of version 1.5, Jasuto now uses audio copy via the pasteboard. Sonoma Audio Copy/Paste may be back in Jasuto in a future update.
With all the buggy issues in the past versions using the FTP, we have done away with that starting with Jasuto v1.5. You can now share your samples to SoundCloud or sync any of your samples/scenes with Dropbox. Please see the manual for setting those up in the app.
No need to fret, any scenes/patches/samples you created in previous versions of Jasuto Pro and added to the Scenes/Samples folders (NOT in the Community section) will still be there when you upgrade to version 1.6. If you have Jasuto classic (v1.3.0) and want to save those scenes before switching over to the new Jasuto, you will need to save them to your computer first and then after setting up Dropbox, sync them.
You can check out the videos below. And/or go to our youtube page for others. Yes, we know some of the demos on our youtube are from the old Jasuto Pro pre-releases. While some of the names/menu placement/colors have changed, the functionality in them is pretty much the same. You should be able to get the hang of Jasuto after watching them. You can also search the interwebs for Jasuto tutorials/demos from other users. Or check the forum to see if any users have some techniques they use.
Jasuto sounds like whatever you want it to sound like!! Check out what some users are creating with Jasuto on SoundCloud - here or here.
Jasuto Studio is still in the works. Life happens and focus gets shifted around. Know that Jasuto Studio is further along than it was before.
Well first did you read the manual?!? The manual has finally been updated and is now pretty comprehensive! Please check it out here for v1.6 or here for v1.5. If you are still having issues, please post your question on the forum.
Please post all bug issues on the forum in the Bug thread. This will be the easiest place to keep track of any and all issues with Jasuto.
The minimum requirements for Jasuto v1.6 for iOS devices is an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running at least iOS 5.1. We've only been testing version 1.6 on modern Android devices (Arm7 based with or without NEON). If you have an issue with a device, please post in our forum.
Yes, here are the things we hope to add to Jasuto in future updates:
  • MIDI support (Midi-In added in 1.6)
  • New modules (11 new modules added in 1.6)
  • Undo
  • Recording longer that 47s
This list is not a confirmation of what will be in future versions and no future release dates have been set on when they will be implemented. If you have a feature you'd like to request, please post in our forum.
Yes, YUMI:synth - Bow String Simulator, is also in the works to getting the iOS7/Retina, Audiobus and more treatment. Stay tuned… In the meantime, if you haven’t downloaded it you can do so here.

To learn more about Modular Synths, check out the wiki page.

A super useful guide: The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music.

Read this Digital Sound Processing Tutorial.

For people that want to go a little deeper, here's an excellent (free) intro to DSP here.

Watch some courses through MIT’s OpenCourseWare for Digital Signal Processing.

For starters, make sure to rate Jasuto in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If you’ve rated it before, you can always update your past review. Have you told your friends, family, significant other, friendly neighborhood musician about how AWESOME Jasuto is and how bad they need to download it? If not, please do so. Help keep the forum, sharing via SoundCloud and other social media outlets going by participating and letting others know how you use Jasuto.


  • Watch some of the demos
  • Be a part of the NEW Jasuto community forum


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